Vsolar Partnership


#Vsolar had on 21 April, 2015 entered into a Collaboration Agreement (“CA”) with Eastasia Group Co. Ltd ("Eastasia"), a Japanese corporation with offices at Minato-ku, Tokyo Coast 1-2-20 Shidome Building 3rd Floor, Tokyo, Japan for Eastasia to provide engineering, procurement and construction solutions capitalizing on Eastasia’s knowledge in large commercial solar development. Both parties have entered into CA in order to ensure the confidentiality of all trade secrets and confidential or proprietary information in accordance with the terms of CA.

Eastasia is principally involved in sales, operation and maintenance of power generation facilities of renewable energy; as follows: engineering, procurement and construction business of mega solar facility, mega solar facilities management business, provisioning of industrial solar package sales and construction and maintenance business for mega solar, industrial solar, household solar materials wholesale business.

With this CA, the Vsolar has been licensed by Eastasia to use deploy the intellectual property and technical expertise for the development of solar farms on a commercial scale, using engineering, procurement and construction design methodology developed by Eastasia. The Vsolar intends to utilise the engineering, procurement and construction solutions offered by Eastasia for its own solar facilities and expand for our solar renewable business.#