Vsolar Profile

Vsolar Group Berhad

Vsolar’s mission is to generate green electricity in a safe, reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly manner and maximising incentives provided by government. Our vision is to be the recognized performance leader of Malaysia’s renewable energy industry. Being a performance leader means we will achieve operational excellence, industry-leading customer satisfaction and optimum financial performance.

Company Date and Country Of incorporation Equity Principal Activities
Fast Track Solution Sdn.Bhd. (Company No.458080-K ) 21 February 1998 Malaysia 100 Design and development of business application software, providing sale of software and maintenance services, advertising and pubilcation of magazines, jourmals and periodicals
CubeTech Asia Sdn. Bhd. ( Comapny No. 675107-T ) 13 December 2004 Malaysia 51.22 Game publishing, Development and other related delivery support services.
Cube World Sdn. Bhd. ( Company No. 821346-W ) 12 june 2008 Malaysia 100 Supplying computers and all related equipment and suppiles, providing computer application, solution and programming and general trading.
Solar Interactive Sdn. Bhd. [ Formerly known as True Interactive Sdn. Bhd.] ( Company No.855449-U ) 30 April 2009 Malayisa 100 Engaged in the business of providing solar energy.
Newo Pictures Sdn. Bhd. ( Company No. 971619-K ) 14 December 2011 Malaysia 60 Engaged in film production.
Vsolar Engineering Sdn. Bhd. (Company No. 1146618-M 01 June 2015 Malaysia 100 Dormant

VGB is principally an investment holding company as well as being involved in renewable energy, media publishing, software solutions and production house, whilst the principal activities of its subsidiaries are as follows:-